PEUGEOT eU01s 45km/h e-Bike

The PEUGEOT eU01s  is a 45 km/h electric bicycle that gives unrivalled versatility and speed. Bridging the gap between traditional 25 km/h electric bicycles and scooters, the eU01s offers the rider an agile and rapid cross town journey.

Peugeot is entering a new era with its latest e-bike: the eU01s. Its top speed of 45 km/h developed so that the Lion brand can take the lead in this new segment midway between 25 km/h electric bicycles and scooters. The eU01s comes under the moped category requiring insurance, registration and a helmet.


High-performance and safe, the eU01s lets you cover mile after mile stress-free. It’s BOSCH Performance Line© electric motor combines with a 400 or 500 Wh lithium-ion battery to offer a range of 75 or 95 kilometres. The eU01s has optimised safety and reliability thanks to its 180 mm hydraulic disk brakes, and its maintenance free belt transmission.


And to improve ride, the eU01s is compatible with the BOSCH Nyon© system. This optionally available on-board computer with its 4.3-inch screen manages pedal assistance configuration and offers multiple functionality: 3-D navigation, sports coaching and smartphone connectivity.
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