Airbus Helicopters H160

Airbus Helicopters partners with Peugeot Design Lab to design the loft lines of the H160 helicopter. The sleek, dynamic lines of the H160 represent a new aesthetic for the helicopters in the product range, reflecting the generational leap embodied by the model.


The designers at Peugeot Design Lab began work on the H160 (then known as the X4) after winning an in-house style competition, launched by Airbus Helicopters in an aim to get outside influences and to create a new benchmark with regards to helicopter style. The in-house design team at Airbus Helicopters then developed and fine-tuned Peugeot’s initial design to create the aircraft that we presented this year.


The futuristic contours of the H160, which are enhanced by the helicopter’s tapered windows, represent the culmination of the design project. The styling offers an updated take on the previous generation, the Dauphin, whose iconic nose has been revamped. The sleek lines of the H160 convey how efficient and quiet it is in the air—performance achieved through a series of innovations, including an airframe made from composite materials, a biplane stabilizer, a canted tail rotor and Blue Edge blades.

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