Alstom Strasbourg Tram

Peugeot Design Lab and the Design & Styling Department of Alstom Transport will create the future tram for the Urban Community of Strasbourg. Building on the global brand design expertise of Peugeot Design Lab and the Tramway design know-how of the Design & Styling Department of Alstom Transport, the two teams are working together to design the next generation of tram for the city of Strasbourg.


Starting from an analysis of the common design language that exists for Strasbourg’s 1st and 2nd generation trams a form language, design philosophy, and values were found to be expressed by:

- A design that highlights the function and ergonomics of the tram
- A design decoded as caring, expressive, with a close interaction with the public.
- A simple design, unpretentious, reduced to the essentials, consisting of a small number of clearly organized elements.


The proportions of the 3rd generation have been reworked and give the impression of a more compact tram. The windscreen and side windows have been precisely adjusted to give a more controlled and flowing form. The overall design was conceived in a spirit of simplicity, quality, and overall consistency from one end to the other. The general lines are inclined to emphasize a fluid and agile tram. The surfaces are smooth and flowing, with round and non-aggressive forms. Edges and curves are subtly tightened for a controlled modern design.

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