Peugeot MICRO e-Kick

PEUGEOT and MICRO have teamed up to design the e-Kick, an electrically assisted scooter to meet the challenge of a constantly evolving urban environment. e-Kick provides an unprecedented multi-modal mobility experience, helping to provide fully independent transport solution to cover the “last-mile” of any journey. Unveiled on 23 May during the launch of the new PEUGEOT 3008 SUV, e-Kick will be sold by both PEUGEOT and MICRO staring in the last quarter of 2016.


PEUGEOT and MICRO share a common vision of future urban mobility solutions and combined their expertise to design the e-Kick. The e-Kick electrically assisted scooter offers an active, natural, and flexible user experience, created to optimise intra-city journeys by adapting to any circumstances and desire.


Launched with the new PEUGEOT 3008 SUV, the e-Kick is designed for customers who are looking for mobility solutions that go hand in hand with their vehicle. A "dockstation" allows the user to store the e-Kick in the boot of the new PEUGEOT 3008 SUV, and it also recharges the battery while the vehicle is driving. Outside of the car, the scooter can also be recharged in about an hour.

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