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With over 200 years of industrial experience and innovation, we are able to develop unique brand experiences and products for our clients through our Global Brand Design strategy.


Every step of the customer journey should be developed and designed around a strong brand strategy in order to create a global experience.

A brand consists not only of its products but also a consistent brand  experience. We provide multidisciplinary solutions through a team of specialists who will develop solutions tailored to the particular requirements of each client.


In addition, all our customers have access to the Peugeot brand’s global automotive expertise and resources, based primarily in Paris, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and  San Francisco.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Design

  • Experience Design

Studio - Brand Strategy - Services

Every brand is unique. Each one possesses a their distinct DNA, history, values and ambitions which together create a world specific brand.

Our role is to help our clients build and illustrate a long term brand vision  that it is coherent and connected to their customers aspirations whilst positioning the brand correctly in their own competitive environment.

Studio - Brand Design - Services

Products are the most powerful brand ambassadors. When we look at a product, it should instinctively communicate the brands’ message and ambition.

We develop specific design identities tailored to each customers’ brand strategy and core values.

Studio - Experience Design - Services

In the modern world people are not content with great products alone, they are seeking great experiences as well.

Before creating the products it is important to fully understand your customers wishes and desires in order to create appropriate experiences.

  • Product Design

  • Process Design

  • Communication Design

Studio - Product Design - Services

Every product is unique, this is why we tailor our teams structure to include skills specifically to each customers’ project needs. Design, CAD, Ergonomics, Color and Materials, Perceived quality...

The unparelleled resources of a global automotive brand with over 200 years of history and 120 years of automotive production, are available to our clients.

Studio - Process Design - Services

The are enormous challenges associated with developing products in an increasingly complex environment.

we help develop processes designed  for our clients, so optimizing the creative and industrial procedure and ensuring  high quality final products.

Studio - Communication Design - Services

Design is storytelling. Communication design is essential in creating an emotional connection with the end user.

We work with our clients to help create the communication tools neccesary in order to introduce new products to the world and develop a strong and consistent brand message.