Year after year new products followed one another to add to the ever expanding pages of the catalogue. The most emblematic tool was the saw, which was not focused on just a single model: handsaw, crosscut saws (picture), cutters, jigsaws, coping saws, curved blade saws, back saws or keyhole hack saws… They were models for every trade and every use, often available in multiple versions.


The range of springs is even broader with over one hundred models for all uses, from timepieces to rotary spits; from spectacles to gramophones. The highest quality work was reserved for timepieces, and produced at an annual rate of 540 000 pieces in 1889.


The third range of products were tools. They were spit into categories of forged tools (hammer, files, pliers, wood chisels) and rolled tools (wood and metal saws, blades, and plane blades).