History - 1852 -  Crinoline

1852 - Crinoline

Peugeots most emblematic success occurred in completely different markets; far removed from the products sold by the already loyal Peugeot network. The Parisian fashion world that dressed the French Empire’s most elegant ladies. In 1850, women were besotted by the crinoline: a flared dress on top of layers of underskirts that were kept in a round shape by wicker hoops, eventually replaced by thin, lightweight metal strips.


Eventually crinoline was transformed into a steel cage, weighing between 200 and 400 grams and made up of metal bands connected by small springs. In 1852, Peugeot was manufacturing all the crinolines components. Valentigney produced 25 000 crinolines a month, (one thousand a day).


The change in fashion over to the corset had no negative impact on the business as these products were also built up around steel stays and strips similar to those used for crinoline. Valentigney was machining 6 000 corsets a day. From saw to corset, Peugeot was manufacturing for every type of clientele.