History - 1870 -  Tools & Logo

1870 - Tools & Logo

Over the years, the Peugeot product catalogue grew longer & longer. Categorised at first by forged or rolled tools, technical advances then made it possible to distinguish between hand and mechanical tools with a predominance of files, pliers and pincers, hand crank drills, bits and drills.


It was mills, saws, and springs that formed the core business for Peugeot. In 1850, the Brand created an emblem to go with their name:  a lion.


Displayed on the coat of arms of Franche-Comté, this emblem was chosen for the analogy between the qualities of the saw and the characteristics of the animal: suppleness of the spine (the blade), running speed (cutting speed), and toughness of the teeth (hardness of steel). Designed by the goldsmith Justin Blazer, the Peugeot lion perched on an arrow, viewed in profile, called the “ lion fleché”, was engraved on the saws from 1850.