History - 1901 - Motorcycle

1901 - Motorcycle

Powered tricycles had been in the catalogue since 1898, but clients deemed these machines to be too heavy and quite expensive (2000 Francs).  In 1897 a prototype of a cycle equipped with a small motor above the front wheel was presented in Paris, and filed under the trade name “motocyclette”.


In 1901, the first Peugeot motocyclette ZL (photo), was manufactured in the Baulieu factory at a rate of 200 units per month, then 400 units a month in 1903.  


The clientele remained somewhat cautious and this obliged Peugeot to forge links with partners such as Griffon, and to consider a few technology and brand transfers to reduce costs, such as the Truffault suspension in 1904. This adventure that started slowly, ended up rewriting the history of the brand. Peugeot was to stay a motorcycle manufacturer for over half a century.