History - 1905 -  Tour de France victories

1905 - Tour de France victories

At the beginning of the 20th century very few powered machines were on the road. Bicycle races were very much in fashion in those days. Organised by the press, they drew larger and larger crowds each time, making the bicycle a truly popular machine. This was a godsend for cycle manufacturers, whose products benefited from this amazing exposure.


In 1903, the magazine “l’auto” announced the creation of the “longest and toughest cycle competition ever organised”: le Tour de France. From 1905, stages became shorter & le tour extended to near the French borders, with mountain stages & Le tour de France became more and more popular.


Peugeot won four consecutive victories in the Tour de France: 1905 with Louis Trousselier, 1906 with René Pottier, 1907 and 1908 with Lucien Petit Breton. Peugeot continued on to take many more Tour de France victories in the century that followed.