History - 1925 -  Peugeot Maritime

1925 - Peugeot Maritime

From 1905, Armand Peugeot was interested in the development of engines for maritime use. He participated in the Monaco Speedboat Competition with 3 boats, 2 of which were cruisers with 10 and 16 hp engines. In 1905 he joined Tony Huber  (a famous manufacturer of high speed  boat engines). At the beginning of 1925 Peugeot created the brand « Maritime Peugeot »  with a vast program of marine engines, canots and powered canots boats.


Peugeot Maritime launched a whole range of motorboats at the first Paris boat show in 1926. A Peugeot pontoon was constructed on the edge of the Seine for product testing. In 1927, the stand of Peugeot Maritime was one of the most important at the second boat show, and displayed in particular a luxurious boat designed by the naval architect Bardot, as well as canots & marine engines for light boats.


The financial crash put an end to this expensive activity, which ended in 1928. Peugeot had to refocus on the construction of new automobile factories in Sochaux and the launch of the new 201.