History - 1955 -  Scooter S55

1955 - Scooter S55

From 1950, legislation had shaken up the reference points for the motorised cycle, leading to the under 50 cc moped. The market become very competitive with the Vélosolex, the Mobylette, and in  Italy a revolutionary machine called “scooter”.


In 1953 Peugeot responded with the S55 scooter which was launched in the wake of the success of the 403. It had a steel body and front luggage compartment. 30 000 scooters were sold in seven years. Cycles Peugeot were entering a major crisis that forced many activities within the company (which were largely independent at the time) to fuse their production & factories.


This crisis closely bound the family unit and the Peugeot group, irrespective of the business activity. Long before governments pushed for consolidation Peugeot had already invented a form of industrial decentralisation that saw dynamic industries come to the aid of stricken regions or sectors, Peugeot constructed its own entrepreneurial solidarity. Cycles Peugeot found the force to bounce back.