History - 1960 -  Peugeot Electric Mixer

1960 - Peugeot Electric Mixer

Peugeot has been a steel-making leader for decades, thanks to facilities that offered all type of rolled metal: Stainless steel, sectioned, welded and polished. This activity revolutionised the automotive sector which abandoned chrome for stainless steel, until the arrival in plastics at the end of 70’s.


Peugeot entered a new sector; domestic electrical appliances. This was a direct result of Peugeot’s traditional diversification & the desire to expand the catalogue to meet a growth market in the “golden years” after the Second World War. Peugeot had two advantages: it had electric motors for tools and stainless steel expertise. Peugeot Frere’s kitchen implements were very high-end, such as the electric mixer of 1960 (Photo).


Tools remained a major activity with an enormous range during the sixties and seventies. Peugeot offered a range of versatile, complementary tools, which were highly successful, and were exported internationally.