History - 1975 -  The golden age of cycles

1975 - The golden age of cycles

The economic crises of the 50’s were a distant memory. In a new period of prosperity; the bicycle was back in fashion. With almost 50 models in the catalogue, the factories were running flat out, the factories in Beaulieu were expanded to seventeen assembly lines and six paint lines.


Peugeot was positioned in the luxury and sports bicycle niche, relying on the image of its professional cycling team, one of the best in the world, with a full list of honours. Bernard Thévennet won the tour de France in 1975 and 1977 (Photo). The repercussions were international.  Peugeot bikes were a sales hit in the United States, priced as luxury items (400/500 $). Sales growth was impressive: from 150 000 units in 1971 to 430 000 in 1974.


The famous Peugeot checker jersey made its first appearance in 1963 on the professional team. This graphic, designed to be easily seen on TV (then in B&W) it went on to be used as the sports signature for the brand, and was reproduced on the bike frames.