History - 1983 -  Peugeot “unleashes its claws”

1983 - Peugeot “unleashes its claws”

The evolution of society, and the second oil crisis in 1979, forced Peugeot to refocus on its automobile division. The company had grown considerably to become a group: PSA.


In 1983, Peugeot launched the 205. It was a car that was designed to answer ambitious challenges: lightweight, aerodynamic, compact and yet with a maximum of interior space. Its design was innovative and dynamic, far from the image of the small car. Well-conceived, it was easy to make and offered a high level quality for the segment at that time.


Success was immediate. The range extended to 3 and 5 door versions, a convertible, special-series (Lacoste, Roland Garros, Junior…) & finally the legendary GTI (photo) which went on to become an icon. Its image was reinforced by numerous racing victories. The 205 T16 won the world rally championship in 85 and 86, and then won Paris-Dakar in 87 and 88. The 205 left its mark on an entire decade.