History - 2010 -  New brand identity

2010 - New brand identity

After 200 years of societal and economic evolution, Peugeot is now a leader in the European automobile market, but, overly focused on this market during the crisis, PSA and Peugeot has set up an ambitious project to meet the new challenges of the brands 3rd century.


At the beginning of 2010, (the year of its bicentenary), Peugeot strengthened the international visibility of its brand. Its DNA, alliance of excellence and emotion, introduced a new brand slogan "Motion and Emotion ".


Its visual identity became stronger and more elegant: the Lion emblem was redrawn as a three-dimensional, athletic & dynamic form & a new form language was introduced by the concept car SR1 & the concept bike B1K. The communication strategy was also redesigned. Peugeot deployed its Global Brand Design strategy.