History - 2012 -  Launch of Peugeot Design Lab

2012 - Launch of Peugeot Design Lab

In 2012, Peugeot is more than 200 years old. This passing of time means an accumulation of knowledge and experiences, the ability to listen and to adapt.


Peugeot embarked on the path to manufacturing in 1810 with the creation of a steel foundry. It revealed an aptitude to adapt without being a slave to fashion, based on solid, responsible, and forward looking values. Peugeot has been continually evolving. The mills evolved into steelworks. The reputation of the tools and coffee mills emerging from these factories built the brand’s renown. The arrival of cycles and automobiles changed the company again, into a leading manufacturing group.


This rich history puts us in the perfect position to write a new chapter. Loyal to our roots and values Peugeot launches, in 2012, a design studio specialising in non-automotive objects:  Peugeot Design Lab.